Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant for CS564 Database Management Systems, Fall 2019

Research Experience

UW Madison Database Group / 2018.02-Present Improving Two-Phase Locking to Reduce Contention with Hotspots advised by Prof. Xiangyao Yu Proposed a new concurrency control protocol and three optimization techniques as an extension to 2PL to increase concurrency when hotspots are present. One-phase Commit with Globally Accessible Logs advised by Prof. Xiangyao Yu Addressed the blocking issue and reduced one phase in two-phase commit by leveraging the accessibility to logs for systems with disaggregated storage and computing. HATtrick: a HTAP Benchmark Suite advised by Prof. Jignesh Patel and Prof. Xiangyao Yu, collaborated with Elena Milkai, Yannis Chronis, and Kevin Graffney Developing a benchmark suite to evaluate different HTAP systems on critical metrics like throughput, latency, resource sharing, and freshness. Learning Functional Dependencies over Noisy Data via Sparse Regression advised by Prof. Theodoros Rekatsinas Proposed a new FD discovery approach over noisy data by casting the problem as structure learning over probabilistic graphical model and solving the model through sparse regression. Wisconsin Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory / 2017.02 – 2018.05 Robots Providing Emotional Support (Senior Honors Thesis) advised by Prof. Bilge Mutlu Used a programmable commercial robot to study if non-humanoid robot with non- language vocalization can act as a listener in social sharing process and help reduce negative effects.

Child Emotion Lab / 2016.01 – 2017.09 Facial Cues for Emotion Recognition supervised by Brian Letizke, directed by Prof. Seth Pollak Communicated with parents and children from local community; Conducted psychological experiments and collected physiological data.

Working Experience

Education Experience

2018 - Present, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Sciences 2015 - 2018, University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.S. (Hons.) in Computer Sciences